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Recruitment Redefined

  1. Faced with rapid change, organizations need to develop a more focused and coherent approach to managing people. In just the same way a business requires a marketing or information technology strategy it also requires a human resource or people strategy.

2.In developing such a strategy two critical questions must be addressed.

3.What kinds of people do you need to manage and run your business to meet your strategic business objectives?

4.What people programs and initiatives must be designed and implemented to attract, develop and retain staff to compete effectively?

5.In order to answer these questions four key dimensions of an organization must be addressed.

These are:

  • Culture: the beliefs, values, norms and management style of the organization.
  • Organization: the structure, job roles and reporting lines of the organization.
  • People: the skill levels, staff potential and management capability.
  • Human resources systems: the people focused mechanisms which deliver the strategy – employee selection, communications, training, rewards, career development, etc.Top-performing, passive job seekers have always been the holy grail of recruiting. But recruiting teams are not always structured to actively recruit top talent, often opting for more passive, reactionary recruiting means. To help organizations recruit the top talent Fairgrowth has been established.

Attracting The Best Talent

    • Recruiting passive job seekers is not a black-and-white issue and is often prone to over generalization.
    • We all know that not everyone who is currently employed is a top performer, and not everyone who is unemployed is an under performer.
    • So let’s take the active or passive designations out of the picture, and just focus on top performers. We can say a few things about these top performers without hesitation:
        • They are most often not looking for work. If they are, they may have multiple offers to consider.
        • They are usually recognized and well taken care of by their current employers.
        • They will likely take some convincing to leave their current job for a new opportunity with your organization.
        • They will have a significant impact on your organization and your organization’s competitive positioning if you are able to recruit them.


  • Fairgrowth advises and consults with your hiring and recruiting teams on designing and implementing a talent attraction program in technology driven sourcing, recruiting, selection, and retaining the Right Candidates for the job. Our experience ranges from entry level to senior management professional.We have expertise to integrate technology based recruiting and selection with traditional Expert-based talent sourcing.


  • Hiring best Recruiters: Recruiters are the employees who build your business. If you don’t hire the best possible recruiters then you are not giving your business the best possible chance to grow into the dominant force it is capable of becoming. I am sure we all know that the recruiter of tomorrow is a very different entity from the recruiter of the last millennium. Fairgrowth train their recruiters to hire best talent for the clients thus offering a better business solution for the hiring requirement of our clients.
  • Branding the organization: Successful employment branding is a great first step towards being an employer of choice and in being able to hire the candidates you really want, as opposed to the candidates you simply settle for. Fairgrowth will help the client in developing a branding and positioning exercise to attract best talent.
  • Aggressively pursuing top talent: Talent is a word that is bandied about by almost anyone who can breathe, but there is often little attention or real commitment paid to either defining what talent means to your organization or vigorously going out, identifying, and attracting it.
  • Looking at talent as opposed to workforce planning: Workforce planning projects the number of FTEs to be hired in each quarter based upon projected requisitions to be opened as related to anticipated growth. This is all fine, but it is not enough. The future belongs to those organizations that adopt a talent strategy to addresses long-term requirements before they become short-term nightmares. Rule of thumb: If you are going insane hiring for positions you needed to fill last month, your talent strategy is a car wreck (or you done have one). Fairgrowth will help their client in maintaining a pool of talent.

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